Academic programs

High School Programs

Embark on a journey of knowledge and self-discovery as you navigate the corridors of high school, where every lesson learned and friendship forged becomes a stepping stone to your future

The Science Faculty at SANN International College is meticulously crafted to cultivate a profound understanding of scientific principles and methodologies among our students across diverse programs. Our committed faculty actively engages in continuous research and development initiatives, ensuring our students receive a comprehensive education that seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with practical applications. 

SANN international college for management studies has been designed to enhance the management skills in our students in various programs. The management department of the college undergoes through various researches and development programs that facilitates our students for practical exposure and along with the theoretical, conceptual insights on key ingredients of our course of studies.

Undergraduate Programs

Unlock your potential with our undergraduate programs. Choose from diverse fields of study, cultivate essential skills, and lay the foundation for a successful future.

At SANN International College, our Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) program is tailored to develop well-rounded professionals equipped with the essential skills for success in the dynamic business landscape. With a curriculum designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of key business concepts, our faculty emphasizes both theoretical foundations and practical applications. Through engaging coursework, industry-relevant projects, and exposure to real-world business scenarios, our students gain a holistic perspective on various facets of business. 

At SANN International College, our B.Sc. Biotechnology program is meticulously crafted to nurture skilled professionals prepared for the challenges of the ever-evolving field of biotechnology. Our curriculum is designed for a deep exploration of fundamental biotechnological concepts, with a focus on both theoretical principles and hands-on applications. Through immersive laboratory experiences, research projects, and exposure to real-world applications, our students gain a comprehensive understanding of biotechnological processes.

Graduate Programs

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At SANN International College, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is strategically designed to cultivate visionary leaders with a comprehensive skill set for success in the ever-evolving business landscape. Our curriculum emphasizes a fusion of advanced theoretical knowledge and practical applications, ensuring that students acquire a strategic, holistic understanding of business dynamics. Through dynamic case studies, industry-led projects, and exposure to real-world business challenges, our MBA students develop critical thinking and decision-making skills. 

Graduate Programs

Explore boundless opportunities with our graduate programs. Elevate your expertise, expand your horizons, and embark on a transformative academic journey tailored to your aspirations.