About the University

Our University
The public university Purbanchal University is perfectly situated in Biratnagar, the nation’s economic hub, in the center of Nepal’s eastern region. A prestigious university with a range of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs is Purbanchal University. The Government of Nepal founded it in 1993 with the intention of establishing an academic hub of distinction. The university aspires to produce leaders in a variety of disciplines with a global perspective and is committed to excellence in learning, teaching, and research. Its primary duty is to serve as a driving force behind the socioeconomic transformation of Nepal by means of high-quality education, guaranteeing a high-standard and sustainable way of life. Including constituent campuses, it has 128 affiliated colleges.
Relation with university

To enable every student to exercise their right to read and write, SANN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE for Professional Studies has partnered with PURBANCHAL UNIVERSITY to offer BBA and biotech courses. Through this partnership, students in Nepal can enroll in specific Purbanchal study programs at SANN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, with PURBANCHAL enforcing strict quality assurance and monitoring procedures to guarantee academic quality and student experience comparability.