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Academic Research

SANN Research Institute maintains its relevance to world-class research by linking with industry and business through local and international Research networks.
SANN’s research strength spans over diverse disciplines like agriculture, tissue culture, bioprocess technologies. It also expands to research in basic sciences, applied sciences and biosciences. Emerging fields and key hi-tech disciplines of the future are focused on. It encourages its students to participate in a wide range of research collaborations. SANN extensive network creates unique opportunities for conducting and supporting research, particularly in inter- and multidisciplinary areas.

Students Research Topics
S.N Thesis Title Name of Students
1.  Enzymatic Synthesis of Silver nano particles, its characterization and application. Milan Poudel Rabin Pokhrel Sudip K.C
2.  Identification of Anti-prion compounds for neurodegenerative Prion diseases from plants bioactives and their analogs Using In Silico and In Vitro approaches. Sandesh Neupane Sandesh Rayamajhi
3.  Association of Parental Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase (MTHFR) C677T Gene Polymorphism in Couples with Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Nisha Shrestha Pratikshya Joshi Renu Lakha Sweta Shrestha
4.  HLA-B27 Typing using Simple Allele specific PCR in Suspected Spondyloarthritis Patients visiting different hospitals of Kathmandu” Sandip Shrestha Pragya Hatawal
5.  Antioxidant analysis of different wild mushrooms and its antimicrobial and anti diabetic activities Ashmita Pandey Ishwor Thapa Nabina Maharjan
6.  Isolation, Characterization and Optimisation of PHB producing bacteria and extraction of PHB” Christina Thapa Pallavi Shakya Rabina Shrestha
7.  Pre-induced abiotic stress: prospects for disease resistance (powdery mildew) in tomato plants Ayush Pandey Madan Kafle Anita shrestha Bibechana Dhital
8.  Isolation, Characterization and Biochemical assay for presence of anti-oxidants in fresh water algae Gaurav Shrestha Ivina Mali Sunil Tiwari
  1. Study of Distribution of Apolipoprotein Genotypes- A Case Study of The Patients Visiting Nepal Medical College, Jorpati

        Sishir Gautam, Bhupendra Kafle

  1. Detection and Identification of Debaromyces hansenii with PCR using Internal Transcribed spacer 1 Region and Sequence Analysis.

          Aastha Thapa, Romi Piya

  1. Isolation and Characterization of Native Bacillus thuringiensis isolates from Nepalese soil and bioassay for their insecticidal activities for the development of eco-friendly bio-pesticides in Nepal.

          Sunil Dotel, Bigyan Dhakal

  1. Biological, phytochemical and pharmacological studies of different antidiabetic medicinal plants of Nepal

          Soniya Palanchoke, Arjina Maharjan, Anjali Bhandari

  1. Screening of Kras Exon2 Mutation In Formalin Preserved Tumor Specimens Using Fast Cold Pcr And Sanger Sequencing From Colorectal Cancer Patients

          Rajan Paudel, Robin Pahari, Pradeep Limbu

  1. Isolation & Screening of Bacillus Subtilis characterization of its Cellulase enzyme and its Propects in Bioethanol production.

          Nihit Bhattarai, Pallavi Shrestha, Laxmi Sharma

  1. Exraction, optimization of method, practical purification, qualification & characterization of bacteriocin like protein from lacfic acid bacteria

          Monila Neupane, Mamta Hajra

  1. Stimuli -Responsive Magnetic Nanocomposites For Targeted Drug Delivery of Their Cytotoxic Evaluation on Breast Cancer Cell Line Mda-Mb231

          Deependra Gaire, Kiran Bhusal, Alisha Budathoki, Jenny Shree Tamang

1st and 2nd Batch Students Research Topics

S.N Name of the students Thesis Title
1 Anju sharma and Bandana Acharya Effect of various stabilizers on physiochemical changes and sensory characteristics of yoghurt.
2 Nirajan Neupane and Pritika Maharjan Study of different measurement uncertainties in the production and purification of polyclonal antibodies from goat.
3 Surendra khatri Screening for W24X mutation of GJB2 gene (connexin26) in random population of Nepal- A sample study
4 Pritika khadka Preliminary steps for the study of polymorphism in nuclear ribosomal DNA (nrDNA) internal transcribed spacers (its) sequence of NEOPICRORHIZA.
5 Ujjwal Bhusal The molecular switch mechanism between pleuripotency and differentation of the embryonic stem cells governed by the co-ordinately regulated gene transcription network involving OCT4, SOX2, SMAD2 and Nanog.
6 Pramod Niroula Role of FGF4, ACVR1, PTPN23 expression and their potential effect in colorectal cancer.
7 Prem subedi Genetic diversity assessment of Fagopyrum tatanicum(L.) geartn using SSR markers.
8 Sabina Subedi Screening for V153I mutation on GJB2 gene(CONNEXIN 26) in random ppulation of Nepal- A sample study
9 Subash Dhungana and Saundarya Shah. Metabolic engineering for the development of clones synthezing vitamin B2 and B12 through integration of non- conventional pathways: A dry laboratory scientific strategy.
10 Sulochan Malla Study of putative role of IL2, ERK1/2 and EGR1 in neurol cancer and Alzhemeir’s desease through their expression analysis study different cell lines.
11 Dhan kumar choudhary and  Dipesh K.C Isolation and screening of antibiotic producing Actinomycetes from soil samples.
12 Ashish Jha Bioinformatics approach on Alzhemeir’s desease(AD).
13 Reshma Shakya, Pradosh Jaiswal and Bhim Subedi A validation study on DNA extraction and quantitation from semen for forensic analysis.
14 Junu sharma and Pratik Bikram Poudel Invirto production of Virus- free potato (Solanum tubersosum L.) cultivars ‘Red Round’ and ‘Petronase’.
15 Mukesh Maharjan Genetic study of seed dormancy in Rice varities of Nepal.
16 Ashama Shahi thakuri,

Chiyang Siya Lama,

Keshab Kumar Mainali

Raising polyclinical antibody against Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) in rabbits.
17 Davandra kumar sah Quality assessment pepsico products (soft drinks) at Varun Beverages Nepal Pvt Ltd, kathmandu.
18 Dinesh Singh Pujara,

Reena shahi,

Subhash shrestha

ITS- RFLP molecular marker for the study of polymorphism in  nuclear ribosomal DNA(rDNA) internal transcribed spacers(its) sequence of Rhododendron arboreum, Guthria fragrantissima and Berberis asiatica.
19 Anit shah Screening for W77X mutation of GJB2- Gene( CONNEXIN 26) in random population of Nepal- A sample study
20 Archana singh and Sujit Jung karki Characterization of mutants lacking in genes related to photosynthetic efficiencies in Higher plant leaves.
21 Sangya Paudyal Absence of W24X mutation of GJB2 gene in kathmandu valley population.
22 Saurav Ranjitkar Genotyping of W77X mutation of GJB2 gene (CONNEXIN 26) in the population of kathmandu valley.
23 Shrawan kuman sah,

Shreya Singh Hamal,

Bhumani shrestha

Molecular characterization of Lentil (Lens Culinaris) germplasm using SSR markers.
24 Sumedha Dahal High prevalnce of V1S31 variant of gene GJB2 gene (CONNEXIN 26) in the population of kathmandu valley.
25 Diwash Gautam

Prabesh Ghimire

Shiva sagar Bhandari

Sumit Pradhan

Isolation of appropriate wine yeast strains from murcha collected from different regions of Nepal and use of them in urine fermentation.
26 Gopal karki Spawn production and mushroom cultivation
27 Chandan Karmacharya Preliminary steps for the study of polymorphism in Nuclear Ribosomal DNA (rDNA) internal transcribed spacers (its) sequence of podophullun Hex andrum Royle.
28 Danda pani Chapagain Aromalase and possibel interlinkage between PPZA and Nanog in Human breast cancer and their production.
29 Jyoti Priyanka Das

Kiran Uprety

Najma Bajracharya

Comparative study on Biochemical changes and sensory characterstics during probiotic and normal yoghurt fermentation.
30 Bhuwan Guragain Isolation of Bacillus thuringinesis(Berliner) from different localities of Nepal and preliminary steps for the study of Genetic diversity among BT isolates using RAPD-PCR technique.