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college life

    The “work hard, play hard” ethos is alive and well at SANN. Inside the classroom, our students work hard to gain the knowledge and skills they will use in their future careers. Outside the classroom, they stay fit at the recreation center, make friends in intramural sports and compete in various sports competition organised by different colleges and universities across the country.

    Our students are regularly participating in various sports activities organized by different colleges and organizations and have won many prizes to bring name and fame to the institution.

    SANN have won various championships, including football, Basketball, Table Tennis.

    The college team’s selections for various sports tournaments is conducted in the beginning of each semester preferably odd semester to provide opportunity for the vast majority of the students to exhibit their talents and sports skill. Normally friendly fixtures will be organized in the college premises and outside the college for selecting talented students and are sent to tournaments organized by various outside colleges and universities.

    Social welfare Club

    The club provides members with the opportunity to experience the real world of human suffering, struggle and happiness.

    Environment club

    Environment club is a student run club that drives environment friendly projects, Besides it promotes awareness about the value of the mother earth.

    Nurture the nature for the future!!!

    Adventure Club

    It aims to expose students to the vastness of nature and encourages them to challenge the natural mysteries. Adventurous activities help students to learn to think critically, identify risk and make sound decision to tackle unexpected circumstances.

    [email protected] Industry

    Beauty Industry is one of the fastest growing areas where today youngsters aspire to choose career. SANN motivates new generation to explore this platform to unfold the talent, beauty and self dignity.

    School of art and aesthetics

    This school engages with college as a creative centre for art and aesthetics. It cultivates art works. music, dance and other creative activities.It recognizes the diversity of students and organizes various programs for recreation, interaction and collaboration.