B.Sc. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing technologies that have revolutionized the world. Biotechnology is the translation of biological discoveries into sustainable technologies for human life. It comprises industrial, agricultural, medical and other technological applications. Biotechnology is an exciting and rapidly developing interdisciplinary discipline and there is an increasing demand for biotechnologists in many branches of industry such as pharmaceutical, in research and diagnostic teams in hospitals, chemical, health-care, agriculture and food and beverage industry.

SANN International College offers a four year B.Sc. Biotechnology course in 8 semesters. It imparts comprehensive knowledge on modern biotechnology backed by practical experience in well equipped laboratories of Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Cell and Developmental Biology, Agricultural Biotechnology, Food Technology, Industrial Biotechnology, Genetics, Molecular and Human Genetics, Medical Biotechnology etc. Its curriculum is well designed, based on the relevance of current life-science research and the demand of industry.

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of real-life biotechnology, opportunities for internships in reputable companies and institutions are available. A fourth year B.Sc. thesis encourages students to perform independent research studies.
The aim of the degree program is to:

  • Provide students with a multidisciplinary education in biotechnology and its core subjects.
  • Lead to employment in industry and government
  • Provide a basis for postgraduate studies in any of the core disciplines covered in the course.
  • To make this institution a center of excellence in Biotechnology.

Bsc Biotechnology

Course Cycle

First Semester   Second Semester
Chemistry   Organic Chemistry
Thermodynamics and Chemical kinetics   Biophysics
Physics   Microbiology
Mathematics   Molecular Biology I
Biology   Elective: Sociology or Economics or Management
Language Skill: English or French or German   Organic Chemistry
Third Semester   Fourth Semester
Biochemistry I   Analytical Chemistry II
Analytical Chemistry   Differential Equations
General Statistics & Biometry   Biochemistry II
Genetics   Molecular Genetics & Human genetics
Plant Biotechnology   Bioinformatics
Fifth Semester   Sixth Semester
Microbial Genetics   Molecular Biology II
Indigenous Technology – Field Work   Genetical Methods
Bioassay Analysis   Animal Biotechnology
Medical Biotechnology   Immunology
Environmental Biotechnology   Food Technology
Seventh Semester   Eighth Semester
Industrial Biotechnology   Research Methodology
Agricultural Biotechnology   Special Project in Biotechnology
Plant Biotechnology II   Seminar Presentation
Intellectual Property Rights + Bioethics