Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA program at SANN started from 2000 AD. This program helps student to have more exposure to development of interpersonal skills. It is also a student based participatory program which provides our student with development of communication, analytical and leadership skill besides numerical based analysis. BBA graduates are mainly preferred by corporate houses to fulfill the human resource needed for their development. Besides the banking sector, graduates of BBA are appropriate human resource more interested in innovative and challenging government and non-government areas that include planning and execution.


Course cycle

There are 8 semesters with total study load of 129 credit hours. Students are required to take compulsory core and specialization course together with project work, elective and internship. It is a carefully designed program with courses developed after rigorous exercise to provide students with a solid foundation for personal and career development.

First Semester C.H.
Financial Accounting I 3
Principle of Management 3
Applied Mathematics for Business 3
Micro Economics 3
Business English 3
Second Semester C.H.
Financial Accounting II 3
Statistical Applications 3
Organizational Structures and Process 3
Marketing Management I 3
Micro Economics 3
Managerial Communication 3
Third Semester C.H.
Cost Accounting 3
Quantitative Analysis 3
Financial Management I 3
Marketing Management II 3
Macro Economics 3
Behavior Science 3
Fourth Semester C.H.
Management Accounting 3
Financial Management II 3
Organizational Behavior 3
Small Business Entrepreneurship 3
Research Methods 3
Business Environment 3
Fifth Semester C.H.
Financial Institution and Market 3
Human Resource Management 3
Business Law 3
Fundamental of Taxation and Auditing 3
Field Report Writing 3
Sixth Semester C.H.
Operations Management 3
Industrial Relations 3
Database Management 3
Consumer Behavior 3
*Specialization (any one) 3
Marketing Research 3
Investments 3
Seventh Semester C.H.
Organization Design 3
Production and Quality Management 3
Management Information Systems 3
Survey of Global Business 3
*Specialization (any one) 3
Services Marketing
International Financial Management
Human Resource Development
Eighth Semester C.H.
Strategic Management 3
E-Commerce 3
Internship Report Writing 6
*Specialization (any one) 3
Advertising Management
Financial Derivations