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  • About us

    SANN (Study of Ancient and New Nepal)

    Originated in 1989 AD., SANN is a dynamic learning and research center, which focused in the field of society, culture and history of Nepal in the past.

    In 2000, it turned into a modern academic institution known as SANN International College for Higher Studies. It has developed into a multi-facated institutions during the years with variety of academy programs and research.

    It also works in collaboration with various universities across the globe especially for curriculum, faculty & student exchange.

    The main purpose behind its establishment was to provide Nepalese students with quality education at the level of international standard. In order to achieve this target, it provides a world class learning facilities in a competitive but student-friendly atmosphere.

  • Our Vision

    • To provide an environment for the disciplined and integrated development of students and staff to give their best to the society.
    • To stimulate and develop the students a spirit of enquiry and desire to gain knowledge and skills that enrich their lives in future lives.
    • To raise the status of the institution to that of a “TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY”.

    Our Mission

    • Focus on developing and producing qualified and independent manpower.

    Our Objectives

    • To provide quality technical education.
    • To prepare students to develop all round competitiveness.
    • To extend the frontiers of knowledge through Research and Development.
    • To develop good communication skills among students.
    • To inculcate in the minds of students a sense of value and to equip them to serve the society well.
    • To produce quality students who can do their business independently.
  • SANN History

    SANN International College is a dynamic educational institution founded in 2000 AD. In a short span of time, SANN has developed into a multi-faceted institution with variety of academic programs and research.

    SANN International College launched Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program in year 2000 AD. This program is affilitaed with Purbanchal University,Biratnagar,Nepal. It is a four year program distributed in eight semesters with a total study load of 129 credit hours.

    SANN has also launched a new program B.Sc Biotechnology in year 2005.This program is affiliated to Purbanchal University, Nepal. It is a four year program distributed in eight semesters with a total study load of 143 credit hours. The aim of this program is to produce graduates with adequate knowledge in various fields of Biotechnology enabling them to pursue education in relevant areas and to develop professionalism independently and to provide supportive personnel to activities for the development of industries based on agriculture, plant and animal resources.

    SANN has been smoothly running BBA and B.Sc. Biotechnology program along with +2 program since its inception.

  • Words from chairman

    Chairman's Image

    Welcome to SANN International College. It is both an honor and privilege to welcome you all to this amazing community. You may be wondering if you have made a right choice by selecting SANN. You bet, you have also broadened your prospective to be a part of the academic community that is always striving for excellence. In fact, I can assure each and every one of you that you are here because you deserve to be and because you can bring something new and exciting to this diverse learning community. So, welcome once again!

    I have realized that my dream to contribute to holistic education in SANN to help the students grow into morally responsible citizens has been materialized to a great extent. Our concern for promoting social, cultural, spiritual, intellectual and physical aspects of the pupils has been a milestone for educating the students holistically. The dedicated faculty members/staffs, systematized management and readiness to adapt to changes have prepared us to deliver the quality education to our students, irrespective of their background.

    SANN has been widely acclaimed for the high quality of its teaching, high degree of discipline it has maintained and the academic excellence of its graduates. SANN is always dedicated and concerned to introduce bent teaching and learning systems that help the students achieve their academic potentials. Myself as the Chairman of SANN, I shall endeavor to the best of my capacity to turn this dream into reality. Finally, I would like to welcome all our prospective students to SANN – a unique place to learn to achieve academic and personal excellence and to shape their future. I look forward to working hand in hand with you all in the days to come.

    Dr. Subhash Ghimire